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Sequel to KraXmas from 2015.

KraXmas 2 is a silly and casual platformer with a Christmas theme to it. Your goal is to find all the presents the ghost has been trying to hide everywhere and then try to find the exit of the level. Finally, you can fight the ghost itself and save Christmas!

It's the first game to be finished using the CrowEngine custom game engine.

Since it's a basic 2D game, it doesn't have any special system requirements, but you do need Windows 7 or newer. Sorry Mac and Linux users! A port may come some time in the future.

Built on CrowEngine 2.0.

Special thanks to ko0x for the awesome music!

Install instructions

Just extract both the executable and the taco file in the same directory and then run the executable.


KraXmas2.zip 866 kB

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