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*** 1.4 Update is live! ***

This is probably the last update for this game for now! It mostly just brings some final touches, mostly a much improved and remade update notifier that will be used for future games. A better end screen and a game over screen has been added. The final boss was also made a bit easier. Some bugs where fixed and performance have been better. Have fun :)

*** 1.3 Update is live! ***

This update mostly for Android devices with a reworked D-Pad and menu. For PC, the game now has an update notifier where it will notify if the game has a new update. You can now also press 'F' on the main menu to turn on or off an FPS counter when in the game. Have fun :)

*** 1.2 Update is live! ***

This update brings a lot of bug fixes and a remade player controller. The player is now slightly faster, but momentum has been added. The jump system has also been improved on a lot to fix some bugs. You can now also jump with CTRL if you want to and ice has been added to the new framework. Have fun :)

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*** 1.1 Update is live! ***

This update brings a lot of good stuff and fixes. The visuals have been enhanced and you can now press 'P' to take a screenshot! Have fun :)